You Talk!

Theory Talks wants you to participate! On this page, we explain you how you can become involved in debates with the most important specialists in the field of International Relations.

(1) Ask a question. Below, you’ll find a list with the specialists that will contribute shortly. You can send in any question, comment or suggestion; for each Talk, we select the best one and will publish it online mentioning you. Send in your question by e-mail with your name, city and occupation.

(2) Suggest a topic or specialist. Do you have a question concerning IR that you would like examined by a cutting-edge specialist? Or do you know (are) a specialist who could contribute to Theory Talks? Let us know.

Ad 1 – Asking a question

In the coming months, Theory Talks will interview, among others, the following specialists:

  • Dan Deudney
  • Daniel Levine
  • Catherine Sikkink

If you have any question for these people or on these subjects, feel free to mail us. We will always answer, even if we decide not to use your question.

Ad 2 – Suggesting a topic or specialist

We welcome any suggestion of a topic (related to International Relations) or specialist (be it a scholar, journalist, politician or whatever); just send us an e-mail with your idea.

Looking forward to your Talk,

Team Theory Talks